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Saturday, 03 November 2012


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Barbara Stratton

Yet another example of government contracting not following the fair bidding practices or allowing community public input. Even if you attend government meetings no bid information is made public & even if bids are referred to the amounts are always in those elusive "packets before you" that only the members have access to. In a recent Hahira City Council meeting the city attorney ruled that the city council did not have to put out the garbage service for bids & that it did not even have to have a contract. As of December 31, 2012 the city collection services will not be under contract at all so who knows what the rates may be or if a lower bid would have saved citizens money? I've been involved in government contracting for years & I can tell you that the recent path government bodies have endorsed is leading further & further away from the bidding procedures that were enacted to prevent good old boy politics & kick backs & is opening the door wide for public/private partnerships that never answer to the citizens. The state attorney general's office which should regulate bidding practices will not interfere with county or municipal issues unless a citizen is willing to pay $500 to a lawyer to present the case to them. They justify this as catering to "home rule" but in actuality they are turning a blind eye because it is within their jurisdiction to rule on non-adherence to proper bidding practices. If the state believes in "home rule" why is Governor Deal pushing a state charter school board amendment that will take away local rule? The state seems to pick & choose its standards.


To say that the county trash plan is already failing is ridiculous. The plan does not take effect until January 1st. There was no way to determine if Allgreen would pull their cans, unless they verbalized this to the commission. If Allgreen would have taken the tactful route, they would have given their customers proper notice. However, they chose to act like a child who does not get his way.

Also, all companies were provided equal opportunity to submit their bid and Veolia came in as the lowest bidder. This does not show preferential treatment or as you like to say, "The good old boy system." It shows that after much deliberation and determination of what would cost county citizens less money, Veolia was the best choice. Similarly, if you would like to give input into choices that are made by the county commission, then call the county office or email your commissioner and ask for a meeting or conversation to discuss your concerns. Since June, an email account had been established for citizens to email their ideas or concerns regarding trash, but according to one of the commissioners, only 3 people reached out to him to discuss the issue. Where were your concern then?

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Hi "Guest". If you'll be willing to say who you are, I'll be happy to post your comment as a main blog post. Critics of the county's trash decision are willing to do that, so you could, too. -jsq

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